"From Concepts to Keys"

C2IT Project Solutions, PLLC is an architectural design and construction project management company based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We work with our clients on a wide range of commercial and residential projects all throughout the Southeast. Services include:

  • general construction management consulting
  • architectural design consulting and project management
  • restaurant architectural design
  • restaurant construction project management
  • retail architectural design
  • retail construction project management
  • custom home architectural design
  • custom home construction project management
  • home remodeling and addition architectural design
  • home remodeling and addition construction project management

C2it provides our clients with complete project management services for the design and construction of their projects from “concepts to keys”. Our clients love us because we provide successful projects based on building quality relationships that foster concise and complete communication during the project. C2it becomes the single point of contact between the Owner and design/build team to insure that the Owner is provided the best project possible based on four key drivers: 

1) Schedule 

2) Financial Accountability 

3) Quality 

4) Risk Management

C2it works with all of the team members during the design and pricing phases to uncover potential issues and address them before they are a problem in the field. We understand that in these times every penny counts and should be rightly accounted for. We provide contractor bid analysis and leveling, value engineering review, verification of contractor pay applications, and change order cost review.

In order to insure the best quality for your project, C2it will do the following:

  • reviews the architectural drawings during the design phase for errors and omissions
  • minimizes future change orders and constructability issues in the field
  • conducts weekly site visits and on site meetings to insure that the design intent is being followed and the quality of the build is optimum
  • participates in the punch walk along with you to insure all issues and concerns are addressed

We manage risk by clearly communicating your expectations and documenting the project from start to finish through the use of email, meeting minutes, photographs, and testing reports as required, which ensures the success of the project. All documentation is electronically stored for future reference.

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