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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using C2it Project Solutions for my project?

With 24 years of experience in the construction industry, C2it brings a host of benefits to our clients for their projects including but not limited to the following:

Consistency – We provide consistency from project to project by using processes and techniques for managing projects that have been developed from years of practice.

Accountability – We, being the advocate for the Owner, bring accountability to the entire project team in all areas of the project…Cost, Schedule, and Quality.  As an advocate, we represent the Owner and their agenda thus lifting the burden of concern for the project and placing it squarely on C2it’s shoulders.

Flexibility – We are an outsourced service and as such we are able to be involved at any stage in the project per the Client’s needs.  We can be involved in one project, multiple projects, large building programs, or just part of a project.  This saves our Client’s the cost of overhead for staff during a fluctuating market.

Will using C2it Project Solutions in addition to the Architect and General Contractor actually save money?

Yes.  C2it’s goal is to save our clients our fee during the project process.  The savings are achieved through plan review, bid analysis, and value engineering.  Due to the complexity of some construction projects, our goal may be modified, but C2it is always striving to present the Client with savings options for their review and acceptance.

Does the C2it Project Solutions work through the entire project?

C2it provides project management services from due diligence of potential sites to managing the construction of the facility.  We are also a licensed Architectural firm in the state of North Carolina and can provide architectural services for smaller projects.

How does the project process begin?

C2it begins every project by meeting with the client to discuss the parameters of the project, visit the site, and get an understanding of the client’s goals.  This meeting usually last about an hour and is free of charge to the potential client.  We can then take the information gathered and develop a project program and fee for our services based on that program.

Can C2it Project Solutions help with the selection of an Architect, Interior Designer, and General Contractor?

C2it wants to be involved in the project as early as possible in order to help the client select the proper members of the team.  C2it has worked with many companies in the industry which makes the selection process easy for the client.

What geographical area does C2it Project Solutions service?

C2it tries to stay within the Southeast Region as it is more cost effective for our clients.  We have worked from Maryland to Florida and as far west as Texas.  If the client needs us to travel to national locations, we can accommodate their requests and will work to minimize travel expenses.

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