"From Concepts to Keys"


Whether your project is a $50,000 addition or a $10,000,000 office building, it doesn't take but a few mistakes in the planning and construction stages before the whole venture is in jeopardy.  C2it collaborates with the Owner, Architect, General Contractor, and Vendors to achieve the agreed upon project schedule by trying to anticipate unforeseen issues that might negatively impact the schedule.  Some of these unforeseen issues include:

   1) geotechnical

   2) local utilities

   3) jurisdictional requirements

  4) covenants

  5) material availability

  6) equipment availability  


Below is a list of some of the project management tasks that the C2it project team will perform when you hire us:

  • Site due diligence investigation (includes obtaining and reviewing Phase 1, Phase 2, and Geotechnical reports via third party)
  • Site assessment and verification
  • Architectural verification and asbuilts
  • Site Plan test fit review with the owner’s civil engineer or C2it can refer a civil engineer/architect
  • Architectural service selection
  • Architectural contract review
  • Architectural payment review and approval
  • Permitting and jurisdictional due diligence
  • Review and coordination of architectural plans
  • Budget preparation and review
  • Project schedule development and management
  • Bid package preparation and issuance
  • Conduct pre bid meeting
  • Bid review and General Contractor selection
  • General Contractor Contract Review
  • Vendor review, selection, and coordination
  • Conduct preconstruction meeting
  • Documentation of meetings and site visits
  • Photo documentation
  • Conduct weekly site meetings
  • Shop drawing review
  • Manage architectural and general contractor coordination
  • Construction schedule review and management
  • Pay Application review and approval
  • Change order review and management
  • Punch list review
  • Move coordination
  • Tracking of project costs
  • Conflict resolution

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